Vision & Mission

To achieve unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company through innovation, honesty and integrity

To lead by example in providing exceptional products and services at affordable prices to the communities in which we serve. In accomplishing this goal, we strive to provide fair and equal services at all locations in which we operate. Serving our customer’s needs is the most essential element in accomplishing our mission.

Our staff is committed to delivering unsurpassed service to our customers, and uninterrupted product avail- ability to our partners. We strive to develop long-term relationships based on honesty, creativity, hard work, and constant innovation. Being involved in the food import and distribution industry carries a weight of its own. It is our belief that the day to day decisions which major players make help shape the face of the local economies in which they operate. Being deeply involved in the business of providing commodities to local consumers, and controlling a major market share in each market in which we operate forces us into position to where each decision we make requires us to look deeply into the associated consequences outside the walls of the company.

Decisions of the major players make in regards to prices quality and selection of products offered, as well as the quantities of any certain commodities pumped into the local market collectively places a direct impact on the purchasing pattern of local shoppers; which in turn impacts the purchasing power of the local currency in the local market for that certain commodity. Although the decisions any single company makes does not carry enough weight to impact the prices of a commodity as a whole, the hazard associated is the response of competitors to the new reduction or increase in price divided by any of the major players.