Since 2008, Noor Asia has worked hard and succeeded in earning its exceptional reputation as being masters in the industry. Noor Asia is today considered one of the top food import and distribution companies in Kuwait, proudly distributing its products to over 1000 different locations including restaurants, hotels, wholesale, Hypermarkets and Supermarkets. With over 10 years of experience, Noor Asia has lived through the difficulties and challenges of each sector, but throughout the years and with experience and hard work, Noor Asia has been successful in tackling these challenges and have been successful in earning the trust of its customers whom are considered to be ‘partners’ in this industry.


Noor Asia understands the importance of establishing strong, mutually beneficial long-term relationships with its suppliers and buyers which it considers very critical in improving performance across the supply chain, enabling all parties involved to grow and develop. When it comes to servicing it’s buyers, Noor Asia believes in longevity and believes that learning from past experiences provides the company with a better understanding of its customers’ needs which allows greater integration of business and financial processes for both parties. As a consequence the service will improve, becoming more efficient, with uncertainties disappearing, and any issues which do arise can be handled more effectively in a professional and timely manner.┬áBy taking an active approach to ensuring that contractual performance is met, Noor Asia customers can ensure that the company will continue to improve in the ways which provide the most substantial improvement to its’ customers benefits and requirements.