Operating from our central warehouse located in Ardiya Industrial Area, Noor Asia’s warehouse is fully equipped with all the equipment and machinery necessary to enable the company to carry out operations in a smooth, time efficient, and undistributed manner. Ardiya Industrial Area is considered the most sought after area in Kuwait for warehouse, due to it being primarily located in a premium location in Kuwait City within close proximity to all the major highways leading to the mid-town residential areas, and surrounding co-ops, groceries, and wholesalers, as well as in direct access to the main motorways which lead to the to WESTERN and SOUTHERN provinces of Kuwait. Also included on site is the full sales and distribution staff consisting of salesmen, distributors and their laborers, warehouse staff, supervisors, accountants, and managers.

Noor Asia has helped numerous startups and young entrepreneurs achieve their goal of launching a successful restaurant and staying in business. Noor Asia has continuously been one of the leading companies in keeping up with the trends and fads of the industry, and as a result providing advise to its’ customers in order to constantly keep them aware of what is new and in demand in the ever evolving restaurant business. Survival in the Kuwaiti restaurant industry is not an easy task considering the country’s reputation as being the food capital of the Middle East, so in order to succeed in this region, restaurants must always be aware and have the trust and confidence that their supplier will be one of the first to have in stock all the ingredients and components which it will need in order to compete and succeed.

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